Central Alarm Station and Smart Guard, Part of Dubai-based SIRA's Achievements

"The Security Engineering Department has managed over the past years to complete several important security projects, aimed at enhancing security and safety in society," said Engineer Aref Muhammad Al-Janahi, Director of Security Engineering, SIRA, Dubai. "This was through providing smart programs, security technologies and innovative solutions to facilitate security personnel's work, notably including the Central Alarm Station, and the Smart Guard, used by security guards," he added.


In details, Al-Janahi told Al-Bayan that key projects include the Central Alarm Station, a central system that link all intruder detection systems to shops at risk, vital facilities in Dubai, Command and Control Room of Dubai Police General Command, where the system monitors the opening and closing process, and sends warnings to security authorities if a facility is facing forced entry or burglary.

“A first of its kind across the Middle East, the Vehicle Tracking System serves money transport vehicles, vehicles transporting dangerous materials, and tourist vehicles", added Al Janahi. With the latest technologies used in its database and its user-friendly features, this system aims to track vehicles geographically, enabling companies to easily manage their fleet geographically. It is the first system of its kind globally, in terms of communication protocols that enable the system to connect to all types of tracking devices.

Al-Janahi pointed out that Smart Guard, a system for managing private companies' security personnel, has achieved great success, serving all licensed guard service providers in Dubai. It is a user-friendly system used by security guards for recording attendance, absence, and work tasks, organizing every step taken by the security guard. It can also record all reports by sending picture, audio, video, and text information via the smartphone, which gives the security guard a vibration alert. In addition, the Smart Guard system reduces traditional communication.


Majid Ibrahim Al Zarooni, Director of Licensing Department, SIRA, said that licenses are granted to work in the security industry in accordance with the legal conditions and requirements set by the Emirate of Dubai, including the issuance of security permits for the import, export, use, transport and storage of dangerous materials, fireworks, armored vehicles, military equipment and drones in Dubai. He pointed out that issuing permits for drones requires approval from the General Civil Aviation Authority.


With regard to the Security Systems Compliance Centre (SSCC), Eng. Khalid Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Head of SSCC, stated that customized standards, drawn from the European and American standards, are being developed in Dubai in response to the emirate’s needs. Compliance with such standards is being monitored. The application of those standards was made following visits to a number of countries and laboratories, including Britain, Germany, USA and Singapore.


Engineer Aref Al-Janahi stated that Security Engineering Department, being part of the Expo 2020 Dubai project, has helped in completing 100% security consultancy, noting that the advisory role covers setting technical specifications and developing a unified methodology for security system designs.

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