City ring

It is a system for automatically monitoring and record vehicle plates using ANPR cameras.

ANPR is required for the following sites
  • Hotels

  • Shopping malls

  • Gas stations

  • Commercial complex

  • Residential building

  • Department stores

  • Entertainment

  • Real states

Procedure of installing for SSP and SSU
  • The SIRA approved ANPR Integrators (SSP) will supply the ANPR approved Products to SSU
  • The SIRA approved ANPR Integrators / Maintenance Company will install & configure the ANPR Server and Cameras on the site
  • SSP get the SSU site from the SIRA Portal
  • SSP are able to purchase the ANPR account from the Cityring without any cost
  • SSP get site credentials details through email automatically
  • The Approved Integrators (SSP) configure the SIRA CMS registration and send the ANPR data’s to the Cityring
  • SIRA Authorized Auditor verify the ANPR certificate and approve the ANPR product service
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Procedure of installing for SSU
  • SSU Requesting SIRA Auditing for ANPR Installation on the site
  • SIRA Authorized Auditor will give instruct for the sites ANPR Server and cameras
  • If ANPR required on the site, the SSU will contact SIRA Approved ANPR Integrator
  • SSU provide their license and documents details to SSP for site registration purpose
  • SSU purchase the ANPR Approved product from SIRA Approved SSP Company
  • SSU provide Internet connectivity for the site registering and data’s sending purpose
  • SSU must be monitor the ANPR working status
  • If ANPR product any issue on the site, the SSU should be inform to Authorized company
  • cost for purchasing the account from the City ring

    No cost